A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Well a pear at least

IMG_3094 IMG_3096 IMG_3098


I love pears, the shape is so deliciously pleasing.

I read a book recently about felted items, basically get a pure wool item boil it into submission and then bend it to your crafty will.


I had found this mustard shetland wool sweater a while ago and boiled it to make a cushion for a friends new student flat, but I still had some bits left over.  I designed a little pear template, its too cold and windy to go outside and here is the result!









I have been enjoying this beautiful essential oil through December.  I read an article about how beneficial it can be to health, bought some, and have fallen in love with its unique smell.


I decided to share the love and made these lovely frosted glass jars to pop in a vial of frankincense, a tea-light, a few chocolate coins and a hand made clay star.  Painted the lids with silver acrylic paint and tided some red ribbon round the necks.  I left one on the desks of all of my colleagues as a little pre-Christmas treat.


December Calling

So its getting to that time of year when the work winds down and its time to tidy up the office and throw away the things you bought or were given and didn’t use up.

Or maybe I can list them on ebay and get a couple of pounds back…….

AND tidy up the office…….

Oh yes I think I have hit on a winner here.