Spreading the Love

I have the privilege of contributing to a hamper of goodies for a friend who is having major surgery.  I spent ages thinking about toiletries, food treats etc. but it was all a bit same old same old.

Of course she is a fantastic crafter so I have put together a bag of fabric, hessian and other lovely bits so that she can make her own little clippy heart while she recuperates.

First I need a nice bag to present it all in  and for a bit of  inspiration – loved making this and definitely better than my first attempt20170321_090446.jpg.  Loved the trimming down at the end it looks like petal confetti. FB_IMG_1490036853323


Proggy and Clippy

I love learning new skills.

I started a textiles course a few weeks ago, learning traditional skills and I have to say…..



In the way that a jigsaw draws you back and back until it’s completed.

This lovely raggy heart is my practice project and I am so pleased with it.

Saturday Morning Leek & Potato Soup


Saturday morning cooking session. I made some chicken stock a couple of days ago  so time for a quick pan of soup, with what’s in the fridge, while I am doing the Saturday morning tidying up and getting organised thing.


Melt some coconut oil in a heavy bottom pan on a low heat.

finely chop some celery and add to the pan

then add

a large carrot, two leeks, trimmed and sliced and two medium potatoes peeled and chopped.

stir them round gently in the oil until they start to soften then add a tablespoon of onion seeds (nigella) some white pepper and some pink salt.

Black Onion Seeds Benefits

top off with the  chicken stock  (of course use whatever you have ) and cook until the veg are soft.  It will be tasty  today, but if you can wait it’s even better tomorrow somehow!

I like to take a few cupfuls  of the soup out and blend it smooth once it’s cooked.


New Wool Day

I’m a bit of an avid internet shopper but I never thought about buying wool online before.  My friend just casually asked me if I had bought the wool for my big knitting project online and I had one of those “aha” moments as I confessed ” No –   B & M”.

So, eyes open to new opportunities, I found Lovekniting and ordered some buttercup wool on Sunday evening.

Here’s a 15% off code they gave me to share:


It’s arrived!!!!!!!

Its lovely.

I could be away some time……..


Redeeming the time

Spurred on by my Big Knitting experience and in fact missing it when it was finished

I have ordered some very pretty wool but while I’m waiting I decided it’s time to use all the “bits” which are in the knitting bag.

I found a great board on Pinterest with ideas to knit for Operation Christmas Child.  Here is my first attempt at a little bag to pop into one of those much loved shoe boxes.

I just picked it up when I had a spare minute and I love the simple knitted flowers.

Cast on 31 stitches.  Knit 1 cast off 5 then draw up the remaining 5 stitches with your starting bit of wool.  Seems a shame not to have them.



Big Knitting

img_3985So it’s been a long time since I had the chance to do anything creative, then I went on a textiles course and met someone who gave me a simple idea.  Big Knitting.  Beautiful soft chunky  wool and massive chunky needles got me started again. That lovely creative addiction of “just one more row” all kicked back in and here is the fruit. A soft warm blanket in a few days but,  better than that, inspiration to keep going.

Next stop – clippy mats.