Saturday Morning Leek & Potato Soup


Saturday morning cooking session. I made some chicken stock a couple of days ago  so time for a quick pan of soup, with what’s in the fridge, while I am doing the Saturday morning tidying up and getting organised thing.


Melt some coconut oil in a heavy bottom pan on a low heat.

finely chop some celery and add to the pan

then add

a large carrot, two leeks, trimmed and sliced and two medium potatoes peeled and chopped.

stir them round gently in the oil until they start to soften then add a tablespoon of onion seeds (nigella) some white pepper and some pink salt.

Black Onion Seeds Benefits

top off with the  chicken stock  (of course use whatever you have ) and cook until the veg are soft.  It will be tasty  today, but if you can wait it’s even better tomorrow somehow!

I like to take a few cupfuls  of the soup out and blend it smooth once it’s cooked.



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