Fun with Pineapples

A little while ago someone gave me this device to magically cut pineapple slices.

A 15p pineapple appeared in my basket at Tesco the other night so it was the perfect victim to try out this wondrous knife.

It cut the pineapple into these perfect rings, but then what to make with them.

Superfood Pineapple and Blueberry Crumble:

take the pineapple rings cut them up and pop into the wok with a dessert spoon of coconut oil.  Add cinnamon, nutmeg, pink & white peppercorns, ground ginger, a star anise and a black cardamom pop and poach for 5 minutes, add a punnet of blueberries and keep cooking until its all juicy and blue.  Remove the hard spices and put in a dish.

Top with a mix of 3 tablespoons oats, 1 tablespoon linseeds, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and a tablespoon of coconut oil.  You can also put more cinnamon in if you like, bake the whol thing in the oven until golden and tasty.


A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Well a pear at least

IMG_3094 IMG_3096 IMG_3098


I love pears, the shape is so deliciously pleasing.

I read a book recently about felted items, basically get a pure wool item boil it into submission and then bend it to your crafty will.


I had found this mustard shetland wool sweater a while ago and boiled it to make a cushion for a friends new student flat, but I still had some bits left over.  I designed a little pear template, its too cold and windy to go outside and here is the result!