Belsay Hall


Proggy & Clippy Workshop

Come along and enjoy learning to make your own in a relaxed morning taster

Saturday June 24th  – Newcastle upon Tyne

10 am – 1pm

Light refreshments included



You can bring along your own fabrics, scissors, cutters or use the ones provided!

Gum Arabic Day!

I love to learn a new thing.  I had some money from a birthday present and searched for a creative course to do…… Gum Arabic Transfer was the only one not fully booked so I decided to find out what it’s all about.

A complicated and very messy three hours later I made some lovely prints of my grandparents from these 1930s postcards.

I loved the process and wished I had more time to explore the medium.  Ink, water, printing press and cutting up – what a great day!

Everything has it’s uses

knowing my love of crafting a very kind client made me this box for a present.

It was a little bit ornate for my taste but I have made few alterations and had it on my desk for a while.

But O happy day!  A perfect fit for my increasing collection of essential oils.

Happy days.

Healthy Fruit Crumble

I had a pan full of stewed plums and apples so I added loads of cinnamon and nutmeg and popped them in an oven proof dish.

Mix together a dessert spoonful each of chia seeds, linseeds and coconut oil along with a handful of rolled oats. I added cinnamon and nutmeg to this too because I love it!

Spread over the fruit and pop into a hot oven for about twenty minutes – well the smell tells you when its ready – simple, healthy and totally gorgeous!